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Placement Process

Placement Process

The Placement Process at KCIEDU  acts as a bridge between the expectations of the Recruiters with the dreams of the students. The activities as part of the KCIEDU  Placements are mentioned below. 

The following procedure is adopted for both the Internship and the Final Placement processes:

Stage 1- Industry Interaction

The Career Management team will interact with representatives of firms across sectors to know about their interest and the expectations through hiring at SOIL. 

Stage 2- Profiles

Student profiles and other relevant details are shared with companies.

Stage 3- Pre-Placement Talk

Various companies conduct Pre-Placement Talks thereby providing in-depth information about the roles and profiles/projects being offered.

Stage 4- Resumes

Applications are invited from our students and resumes of interested applicants are shared with the companies.

Stage 5- Shortlisting

Basis factors such as profiles, locations, remuneration offered, student’s perceptions and areas of interest, companies are ranked and are invited on campus to conduct face to face interviews.

Stage 6- Interviews

Companies conduct their own selection process which typically involves CV based shortlisting, group discussions, written ability test, aptitude test and interviews.

Stage 7- Offer

Final results are announced by the companies and are conveyed to the students.